Happy December 1st. Lets Rock & Roll

Ok lets start all those fun Christmas Countdowns,
This year the Samples family is trying out a couple of new things
and the ever entertaining old things also.

The Elf has been at our house for about a week checking on the crazy boys.
"A" is very aware that he is watching and is a little leery of him.
But "Jk" likes him, so of course little brother trusts it.  
So here is where he decided to perch on December 1st.
(Google or Search Pintrest for really cute ideas on where to put him)
We're also doing a Christmas Story Countdown I wrapped 25 books on things
like snow and Christmas themed to have "A" open and read to the boys
(This also added to the 20 min of reading for "Jk's" School.)  Joe got a little
excited this morning and let the boys open everything this morning so we will be
doing this one at night when its time for bed.

I found these book at the library book store for $.25 and also just wrapped
ones from around the house.  Next year I think I'll get more hard back classics
and store them with the Xmas decorations.

So for years now I've wanted the Potter Barn Kids Christmas Tree Advent
countdown but just couldn't purchase it for $79 bucks really come on Pottery Barn.
So last year I made one but it didn't get finished in time,
So here it is its not as fancy as theirs but its made with love by me.

Something Special for "Jk" we got him the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar
so everyday he gets to open and make a small Lego.  Its was a little pricey $30 but he's really
excited and loves building things with Grandma & Daddy, so will see if it sticks for years to come.

Last But Not Least
The Advent Coloring book
I purchased this three year ago when it was just "Jk" its really easy and fun
to do with little one's.  So I printed two one for each of the boys
but its really for "A" and me to do together.

So there you go I'll let you know how it goes and which one's
are just silly and the one's that you can see you
kids doing with there kid's someday.

Merry Christmas from The Samples


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