Our Second LEGOLAND Experience

So in my eyes I still call Joe and I relatively new parents. When it comes to family outings we tend to go all the way from Legoland to Disneyland to SD Wild Animal Park to the Aquarium and so on and so on.  When it comes to buying passes my "money man" husband is always looking for the value, so when do you say no to passes and yes to one day tickets.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the fun and new experience, especially seeing it thru our kid’s eyes.

On a resent trip to Legoland things became a little clearer to us and a one day pass would be just fine.  This being our second trip to Legoland after buying our passes though.  Now to the reason, well the rides are a little kidish and the cool one’s Jackson doesn’t want to go on.
There’s no whimsy when walking thru the park you kinda feel like your at a fair.  For example, when you walk thru Disneyland you have music playing and friendly faces greeting you at every turn.  I didn’t really get that from Legoland.

Now this is just our family’s opinion.  Don’t get me wrong Legoland is cool but different and we figured out Jackson just likes the Lego Store so for us NO MORE PASSES to LEGOLAND right now.  Will try again later when the boys get older.


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