Sixth Week of Project 365

Feb 1st, 2010
I Played BINGO with my family on Monday night so fun but didn't win.
Feb 2nd, 2010
Jackson teaching brother how to use a cup
Feb 3rd, 2010
We rode bikes to the beach and found a sand tower to climb.

Feb 4th, 2010
Jackson & Katie Playing Batman Lego.  And Dinner night with Grandma Debbie
Feb 5th, 2010
Joe had to put the boys in the car because I hurt my shoulder.  I took the boy to school and Alex and I hung out at grandma's house.

Feb 6th, 2010
Katie Came over to play with Jackson and we had dinner at Grandma Doris...
Feb 7th, 2010
Cross Baking off my Life List To Do I made home made Cinnamon Rolls and they worked.  This was attempt #3 first was Garlic Nan then Bread Sticks all Failed.  But I think it was because of the yeast so I bought new yeast per My moms advise and my Buns turned out great.  Also the girls come over to play an Jackson way so happy.


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