Ninth Week of Project 365

 Feb 22nd, 2010
Another Teething trick brought to you by Grandma Debbie.  Alexander like to chew on the Diet Coke Can.  Jen would be proud :)

 Feb 23rd, 2010
We spend the week with Grandma, Here's Jackson doing dishes.
Were all still recovering from our colds.

 Check the Score Mama Rocks!

Feb 24th, 2010
 So this Wednesday Joe's work took his dept to Disneyland it was so fun.  We just brought Jackson so it was so special for him to just have dada & mama also we got to eat an incredible lunch at Club 33, it was so fun to see a different side of Disneyland's history.  

Feb 25th, 2010
Just a typical Thursday morning eating breakfast and getting ready to the the boys to grandma's and head to work.
Feb 26th, 2010
 We took a walk to the beach to look for treasure after the storm

Feb 27th, 2010
Shopping for another couch this isn't the one but the boys can dream

Feb 28th, 2010
Off for our Sunday morning walk to the donut shop and the tide was so high and with the waves breaking the water was up to the boardwalk.  Very Cool.


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