Long Time No Blog - December Run Down

Ok so I've been MIA and I'm sorry but The Samples seriously love to overload on Christmas.  We Moved before Christmas to my Grandma's house AKA the Beach.  Then had to celibate Christmas which has been named the Christmas Shuffle.

-Pictures Below-

So here it goes.  December 1st ish Joe and I were having our monthly budget meeting and of course I was griping about were we live.  (Dirty Carpet, School district, Couch, Kitchen, Etc.)  We always play around with the idea of moving into my grandmas house in Newport and talk ourselves out of it because well it was built in 1947.  So some how this time we took the leap.  And love it!

So we went from moving December 28th to moving December 17th does anyone else move up a moving date?  Because we always do.

First things first I decorated for Christmas then got the boys rooms setup.

Thursday night at about 3am Jackson woke up throwing up which continued all the next day we took him to Dr. Campion who sent us to Hoag for an IV (IV on the 3 year old oh crap) he was really brave only cried when they put it in.  They taped his arm to a board so he couldn't move it, we put a blanket on top so he didn't have to keep looking at it but every so often he would say mom/dad and point to it like we forgot it was there.  Now if you ask him he'll tell you he got sworded in the arm.

The following week I got the stomach flu the day before Christmas Eve so no yummy xmas food for me I guess that's a good thing.

Mom & Dad forgot to tell Santa that Jackson got way to much stuff for Christmas next year we really have to sit down with the big guy and come to an agreement.

So rounding out this year can't believe that my boys are getting so big, Jackson's vocabulary is amazing sometimes I can't believe the things he tells me.  Alexander is getting so big I love that he knows his name when we talk to him and always has the biggest smiles for us!

P.S Mama is most happiest the I got our Christmas card out!

So Merry Christmas -  See you all in 2010

The Boys

Santa's Setup
Christmas Morning
The Beach House - Built in 1947


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