Alexander the No Sleep - Day three of mommy minimal sleep!

Sad Baby  - Same Day
Happy Baby - Same Day

Good Morning my friends again here I sit waiting for my mother in law to pickup Jackson for the day because yes its day three of minimal sleep for mom.  Yes Poor me I have a infant again.  So Monday was understandable Alex got his 6 month well baby shots and was a little unhappy so off and on up all night crying.  Then Tuesday all day off and on crying crying couldn't put him down took a couple of naps but still unhappy.  So last night I think was the worse pretty much me almost in tears from lack of sleep, Alex really in tears so much so that this morning he has funny voice almost like he lost it from screaming last night.  So here I am Jerries picking up Jackson so he can have a fun day and helpfully if and when Alex falls asleep I can nap too.. 

So Help Any Advise?  Dr. says his little brain is very active and at this age he's has a lot of things that he's process so he'll be up and resistless, also teething.

Wish me luck!


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