life list (in progress)

Long time no Blog its been a crazy month.  I've been thinking about life and all the things I still want to do and show the boys so i'm starting my life list and I think we all should.  

Teach the boys to snowboard in whistler
Create a beautiful closet.
Go whale watching in the San Juans.
Have a hot stone massage.
Institute Thursday game night on the patio.
Get my eyebrows threaded
Host an elegant dinner party.
Start a weekend breakfast tradition.
Knit a sweater.
Spend a weekend in Napa.
Buy a vintage handbag.
Deep-fry a turkey.
Shop with Clinton and Stacy.
Sleep in a room with a view in Florence.
Learn to take really terrific photographs.
Second honeymoon!
Host a spa night.
Find the perfect boots
Start a Art & Crafts Club
Family walks on the beach
Drink Guinness in Dublin
Start my own library


katherine said…
Really good list!! I'd like to do some of these with you!

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