Sweatsuit Alternative: Part III

So the goal, then, is to come up with some no-fail outfits that look cute but are insanely easy – easy enough for those mornings when the sweatpants are calling. Errands with a little one are tough enough. You want all the help you can get. Here is an alternative:

Hoodie + Scarf
Never underestimate the power of a good scarf, cherie. If there was one thing I learned during my first visit to Paris, it was this: stop over-thinking the scarf. Find a scarf you love (a lightweight one will be more versatile), and throw it on with everything. It need not even match. So for for errand day, zip on your favorite jeans, a hoodie, and wind your scarf haphazardly around your neck. One can Google how to tie a scarf, but it isn’t necessary. Just wind it around anyway that you like it, tie once, or not. Whatever. I like to finish off the look with cute ballet flats.

Aint no mom jeans - Is where all the info is from.


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