Sweatsuit Alternative: Part I

This sweatsuit alternative couldn’t be easier: throw on a cool sporty jacket with your favorite pair of jeans and add cute sneaks. The challenge, however, is actually finding the cool sporty jacket and cute sneaks. You want something different, something that fits perfectly, something cool. This look is so versatile (errands, park, coffee, art class, shopping, baseball game) that it’s worth spending a little extra time (and money) to get it right.  For cool sporty jackets, I think Puma does them the best.

Cute Sneaks (NOTE: While Cute Sneaks are in fact, sneakers, they are very definitely NOT running shoes, or basketball shoes, or sport shoes at all. They are simply for walking around a city, looking cool and being comfortable. Piperlime.com calls them “Fashion Sneakers” )

So put the sweatpants down….that’s right….now back away slowly. That’s a good girl.

Aint no mom jeans - Is where all the info is from. 


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