Meal Planning 101

Information - menu-plan-monday but for me its meal-plan-sunday. :)

Since going back to work and Jackson starting back to school, I have to be super prepared. So on Sunday night we get lunch's ready and do our dinner prep for the week.

I wake up Monday morning feeling prepared and confident that our week will go smoothly for me and the boys.

Step 1. Plan out dinners for Monday-Friday (if your us one day is a free/leftover day)
Step 2. Make a Grocery List - We shop at Whole Foods & Costco
Step 3. On Sunday Night prep your dinners & lunches.

For us we write out our dinners on the calendar so its easy to see what your having that day. Also you will know what your bringing for lunch.

So say Monday were having Steak, Potatoes & Veggies then for lunch the next day will have steak sandwiches. You get the picture its so easy and it will cut your grocery bills because your not buying what your not going to eat. Also saving the environment!

Good Luck and Meal Plan Away


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